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tuva is a Bergen based DJ who has a monthly show at Vers Libre with her collective, Dypdykk, where they together explore the depths of electronic music. tuva alene is her first solo project, where the focus is on the exploratory spectrum, where definition is absent and the soundscapes can be described as mysterious, unattached, sharp and obscure.


Place - Vers Libre

Live recording - 3rd April 2021


  1. Flora Yin-Wong - Tirta Empul [Modern Love]

  2. Lol K - Moon Project [Curl]

  3. FAKETHIAS - Thrust 

  4. Psycheek - Fuse Beyond [Sheep Chase Records]

  5. EXAEL - Circle (Squishy Mix) [Berlin Atonal Recordings]

  6. тпсб - Dream Houses of the Global North [AD 93]

  7. Mr. Mitch - I'll be 20 when I'm 40 [Gobstopper Records]

  8. Buttechno - Odeaerial

  9. SHXCXCHCXSH - This Hmming Raverie [Avian]

  10. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Belissimo [trip recordings]

  11. Tim Taylor & DJ Slip - Pleasure Unit (Bloody Mary Drum Workout) [Dame Music]

  12. Lee Gamble - Motor System [PAN]

  13. Lol K - Completely Out of Business (feat. LA Timpa) [Halcyon Veil]

  14. Giant Swan - Do Not Be Afraid of Tenderness [KECK]

  15. Varg2™ & Exploited Body - Bass2™ (Cease & Desist) [Northern Electronics]

  16. Flora Yin-Wong - Vale [Modern Love]

  17. FAKETHIAS - Bismak [Ball Em Up]


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