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an electronic music record label based in Bergen, Norway.

Resilience : Welcome


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We root ourselves in a deep interpretation of techno and grow in the odyssey of sharing expressive, atmospheric and nuanced sonic landscapes by collaborating locally and beyond.


Spirals is an electronic music record label founded between the seven mountains of Bergen in Norway by Inish. It was fast recognised as a versatile imprint to connect the electronic music scene through explorative creation and collaboration.

The sound of Spirals can be described as deep, hypnotic and eclectic. It echoes the appreciation of diversity and intents to deepen our connection with nature. Spirals utilises the expressive medium of sound to create sensational experiences that can bring us closer to understanding the dimensions of our inner being.


The Resilience Podcast was initially made to generate energy in the local techno community as well as sharing space with artists from other cities in Norway and internationally. 

The visual identity of the releases, podcast and website is created by Inish as nature embodied.

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