Said Warya

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Said is a DJ from Bergen who has an active part of the art and music scene. He has a monthly show with his collective, Svette Føtter where he presents the sounds that catches his attention in mixes that floats out with the airwaves from Vers Libre at Møhlenpris. He is known for his eclectic style, depth and vibrant soundscapes that is carried through vibrations of freedom and a playful mixing style.

Place - Vers Libre

Live recording - 3rd April 2021


  1. STL – Disconnected [Synthetic Gold Records]

  2. Abstract Division – Solitude [Dynamic Reflection]

  3. Sohrab & Erik Johaali – Skypainter [Shahr Farang]

  4. Globex – Untitled [Acting Press]

  5. Jiska Huizing & Rudi Valdersnes – Ballad (rRoxymore remix) [Ideophone Records]

  6. Villa Åbo – In The End [Kontra-Musik]

  7. Marcelus – Parenthesis [Tresor]

  8. Shlømo – Memento feat. AWB [Singular Records]

  9. Voiski – With Someone Else [Russian Torrent Versions]

  10. 1800Haightstreet – Infestation [Lobster Theremin]

  11. Cemento – Fjordens Vei [PLOINK]

  12. Antony Doria – Accent [SYXT]

  13. Acronym – Epiphyte [Northern Electronics]

  14. Inland – 2122 [Counterchange Recordings]

  15. Rødhåd – Hope [Dystopian]