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Initially rising as a figure on the underground Norwegian club scene, the past few years 
have seen Nattl4mpe establish himself as one of the most crucial, uncompromising and determined talents from the new wave of Norwegian techno. Nattl4mpe's 
commitment to full immersion of the rave culture is evident in his production and DJ-sets. 


These days, his focus is on energy with a no-fuck given techno attitude. Touching on both the history and reinvention of techno, trance, drum n bass and hardcore. 

A Nattl4mpe DJ-set blends genres, scenes, past and present with unrelenting velocity and force.

Leading with an unmistakable attitude and a rebellious taste for techno’s transgressive edges, Nattl4ampe shreds a light on dance music’s wild reinvention.

Mix made for Resilience Recordings.


  1. Alexander Kowalski - Dynamite Sun (Original Mix) [Kanzleramt]

  2. Eric Sneo - Holon [Masters of disaster]

  3. Nattl4mpe - ID

  4. Maxx Rossi - Teknowledge (Original Mix) [Polymeric Records]

  5. Glenn Wilson - Enemies (Alexander Kowalski remix) [Heroes]

  6. Andy Whitby - Anything Like This (Ingo and Colin Barratt Remix) 

  7. Razor's Edge - The Zoo (Transient 1995) [Transient Records] 

  8. Austin Corrosive - Bitches [System Rejects]

  9. Vizionn - let's jack ya [Recollection Records]

  10. Maxx Rossi - Rupture (Warehouse Mix) [Polymeric Records]

  11. Austin Corrosive - Turn This Shit Up [Corrosive Records]

  12. Nattl4mpe - ID

  13. Geerson - Ghost Talk (Original Mix) [Ismus]

  14. Nattl4mpe - ID