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Magnus is a DJ, producer label-owner residing in Bergen, Norway. He has left his marks on the city and continues to deliver hard techno releases though his label Mhost Likely and most recently PLOINK. His backstory traces back to the rural Lofoten Islands where he played techno and trance, the genres in which he recently has found his way back to (although his many adventures led him to being a studio producer of many sorts). We are happy to see him doing what he loves the most and excited to hear more from him and his label.

Place - Vers Libre

Live recording - 3rd April 2021


1. 747 - Aurora Centralis (nthng’s Saiyan Dream) [Aquaregia]

2. K.T.S. - Estandarte Carmesí [Tensal]

3. Jokasti - Secret Satellites [Prodigal Son]

4. Minus Magnus - No System Trick [Ploink]

5. Son of Error - Wrap Your Arms Around Me [AKRONYM]

6. Henning Baer - All Over (Inhalt der Nacht Remix) [MANHIGH]

7. NO! - Fake, Fun and Narcissism [Float]

8. Espen Lauritzen - Opportunity & Outcome [Krill]

9. Reeko - Dogma 03 [Semantica]

10. Minus Magnus - ID (ID Remix) [Mhost Likely Black] - Unreleased

11. Temudo - 2023 [Klockworks]

12. Kaiser - 26 Hours 26 Minutes [Mord]

13. RIKHTER - Phiom Enhah [R Label Group]

14. Ryan James Ford - EQ 10MG Base [Bpitch]

15. Setaoc Mass - Moon Groove [SK_Eleven]

16. Ø [Phase] - Modwerka [Modwerks]

17. Might Be Twins - The Sound of the Ocean [Mhost Likely Black]

18. Pablo Mateo - Network Genesis [MANHIGH]


MinusMagnus_Promo_2021_C35A4684 by Øyste