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The word ‘Kairogen’ created by the artist, comes from the Greek word ‘kairos’ (the right, critical or opportune moment) and ‘gen’ (to generate or create).

This translates as; ‘the opportunity to create’, which is intended to inspire the artist and others to harness their imagination and generate their own conditions for their creativity to bloom.

The Glasgow-based producer first came across music production whilst studying at art school, after a lecturer suggested creating a sound piece to fit alongside an installation project. Her love of club culture inspired artistic research focussed on Detroit techno and electronic music as an art form.

In the coming years she would spend her time making album art & working in Sub Club, gaining an understanding of the electronic music scene and developing her own musical tastes.

Working in a nightclub has had a significant effect on her own work, finding that the influence of peak-time music has led her to seek out sounds that fit round the edges of dance music, inspired by the drama and tension in DJ sets and leaning towards the ambient/experimental side of the electronic spectrum.

For the artist, there has always been a strong passion for both visual art & music. A process of figuring out how to practice both of these and where they fit. This tension has made possible a space of endless exploration and a desire to create works that blur the boundaries between genres and contexts, a practice which only continues to evolve.


Kairogen Outdoors Black & White Portrait