Jiska Huizing

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Jiska Huizing (1991, NL) is a Dutch artist, musician and DJ living and working in Oslo, Norway.


Huizing started DJ-ing towards the end of 2016 and has been rapidly building up her name since then. Among others, she has played at EKKO, Borealis Festival and Karmaklubb*, and next to playing alone she also forms the DJ duo JIJU, together with Julie Silset.


Her sets combine tracks from a broad spectrum of genres, but obscure club music, leftfield techno, polyrhythms and organic sounds are main interests. She likes to make surprising connections in her sets, having no problem with combining field recordings with dark electronic music, eerie film scores and driving rhythms that invite you to open up your ears and your feet to move.


Huizing has released two albums together with collaborator Rudi Valdersnes, Drum & Trails (2018) and IDE002 (2019) on Ideophone Records, and JIJU's first remix was just released on this label as well.
Together with Julie Silset and Rudi Valdersnes, Huizing runs Ideophone Records.