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Inner Beings is an interdisciplinary project that guides us through a deeper space to our inner beings. In this experience we are introduced to the creatures we may find if we open up spaces for them to create themselves and share their nature.  


It was exhibited for one evening at Lydgalleriet in Bergen and is now made available on Soundcloud for listening. It was created utilising field recordings and produced during a residency at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts.

The work has been presented at the event Meetup for Artists, organised by NOTAM. 

Audio Recording

Work Residency at BEK

Inner Beings.jpg


Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) says that animals are deep listeners. 


Sounds carry intelligence. Sounds carry emotions. Sounds carry me. 


But how?


How can these sounds I create carry any emotional intelligence and my being? It is no direct translation of what I feel - rather an attempt of an emotional expression. Honestly it would be an honour to truly carry my own emotions through sound. It would be honourable because language is one of the most precious gifts I was given, and communication is one of my favourite things about being human. Emotions as a concept in the space-time continuum may be subjective, but the universality of them as our innate understanding of our own current state of being brings me closer to the understanding of my empathy and with that a deepening of the connection to my inner and outer beings. I am getting to know the worth of me, and me-expression is not even close to finding that kind of translation


- yet. 


Although, I try through conscious attempts by using field recordings and programs on my computer designed to effectively transmit sounds and manipulate waveforms, it seems like an eternal journey, a phenomenon I am comfortable with in this moment and a road I am grateful to be on. 


I would ask a whale if I could hear with their ears. 

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