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Inish is an interdisciplinary artist, sound engineer, DJ and mentor from Bergen.

Decentralisation and anarchism nuances their multiple forms of expression, interlacing Inish's creative galaxy with their presence in the underground, 2SLGBQIA+ communities and metaverse. As an act of co-regeneration they embroider queer intersectional futurism with field recordings/compositions/creative writing on fast paced beats in fearless revolt against the patriarchy, capitalism and constrictive cis-tems.

Currently based in Copenhagen - Inish moves with initiatives and creatives dedicated to nurture communities where awareness and sharing of privilege, representation, decolonisation and radical care are at heart.

Email for collaboration, commission and booking in the realms of

  • music productionDJiclubdlive performance

  • web3kNFTsjblockchain

  • 3D-designlscuplturingoprints

  • posterywebdconcept-design

  • sound engineering & tech

  • mentoring

  • safer spacing/"air"

  • music & art curation


The DJing of Inish originates from the underground where they sense forth an intuitive selection of trance, acid and techno in the build up of high energy sets. Their frequencies share an anarchic galaxy of psychedelic and futuristic soundscapes embodiment of the Bergen mountains - Inish relush and tune co-experiences into euphoric infinites.

With each return to the decks Inish ever so gently thread pearls of rave legends and newcomers - often closely connected to their rebellious attitude and dissolving nature towards exploitation and oppressive systems.

Inish's ephemeral movements are experienced as regenerative, revolting and resolving.


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